Monday, June 3, 2013

Bloggo Uno

Testing 1,2,3...
Neanderthal attempting to blog.
Bliggity blog blog blog.
I wrote and illustrated a picture book...
Blog blog blog
about a snowstorm in Brookline, MA
heard o' that place? blogblog?
and a little girl named Stella Mae Culpepper
(you never heard of her because I made her up)
Sleeping Bear Press in Ann Arbor Michigan is publishing it!  Comes out in September!

Look for it at your local bookstore.  I'll even blog your copy at book-bloggings.
Are you blogging me?
Roger, Blog.

Wanna follow my blog?
Which way did it go?

OK, OK, I thought I wasn't going to like this.
But I DO, I DO, I DO like to blog!
Look for all my bligging blogs!
Morning, noon and nighttime blogs!
Breezy blogs.
Slogging blogs.
Witty blogs and
Gasbag blogs.
And buy the book too! (That's subliminal marketing)

OK, anybody know how to get somebody to read this thing?

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